You’re Here Now, So What’s Next?

Whether you’ve found this site by chance, clicked on a link from Twitter or Facebook, or downloaded a free copy of 30 Minute Plan, you’ve made it. I’m guessing your likes are walks on the beach, people who like to smile, and horror. But wait, before you just go why not take a look at what else I have?

Like the equally free The Beggar’s Bowl? I know, I know, that cover is awful. I’ll probably do another when I get time, but there’s a lot more to be read! Like Fleshbags or Where the Monsters Are, my Halloween book of shorts The Best Night of the YearThere’s just so many to choose from and considering most are only $0.99 you don’t have to pick just one.

Check out my booklist.

Or my UK booklist.

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How About Bob? #TheWalkingDead

Well, vile doesn’t begin to describe the end of Sunday night’s episode. But before I get to that I’d like to acknowledge the The Wire connection:

  1. Seth Gilliam
  2. Chad Coleman
  3. Lawrence Gilliard, Jr.

Hopefully, after Boardwalk Empire has its series finale we can get Michael Kenneth Williams to play a one-man, zombie-killin’ army.

But it goes to show you with The Walking Dead, anytime things seem too happy, too content, something really bad is just around the corner. I don’t think anyone thought Rick and Company had killed all the cannibals, but I honestly thought it would take them a little bit longer to regroup. Like maybe until episode 6 or somewhere around the mid-season finale.

I think it’s obvious where one thing is going. It was set up nicely early on in this episode. Bob, ever the optimist, put a silver lining around every cloud Sasha could throw at him. Then Bob gets bitten by a walker in that basement. Yes, Bob got bitten. After he steps outside the church to have himself a little cry he’s just realized the grand ole time everyone else is having isn’t for him. Cue the cannibals. They eat his leg and give him his silver lining. He was going to die anyway, now at least he’s slowed them down with tainted meat.

I thought Terminus would be a major place throughout this season and it was dashed in the season opener. I think the same is going to happen with these cannibals. The mystery is how Morgan is going to be a big player this season.

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Can’t Wait to See This @T_Double #rzp

As you all know by now, I’ve signed a contract with Atria, a division of Simon and Schuster, to edit an anthology for them. Occasionally, I like to do a search on myself to see what’s new or interesting. Apparently, I’ve died again, but then there’s also this:


I clicked on the link, but it doesn’t work yet. Looking forward to seeing what’s in it. And in case you were wondering, yes, you can pre-order Anything but Zombies. Just click this link!

Sorry, what was that? Oh, you need zombies right now? Well, then download a copy of The Zombie Show or Fleshbags. Only $2.99!

And amidst the controversy over at Permuted Press, I’m thinking about unshelving Axe to the Face. Vamp-Hire‘s release date has been pushed back to February, so I think I need something that’ll make a good eStocking stuffer for Christmas.

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#TheWalkingDead: Tree Symbols Morgan Saw Will Soon be Explained

Okay, I saw the premier episode of season 5, but I completely missed this in the end credits. So I’m going to have to defer to another site instead of posting my own comments. This is provided, courtesy of

Morgan Jones (Lennie James) saw funky marks on a tree in the extra scene after the credits on The Walking DeadSeason 5 premiere. The marks were located just behind the Terminus sign that had been adapted by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) to read “NO Sanctuary.”

Here’s something you may not have known, though: AMC posted a rundown of the first episode, and they noted a big time jump for this particular scene:

“Months after Rick’s escape from Terminus, a masked stranger marches down the railroad tracks. He stops to see the Terminus sign Rick modified, and hangs his head. He removes his mask. It’s Morgan.”

To see the end credits clip, click here.

Looking for a great read this Halloween? Download The Best Night of the Year; 3 scary tales for only $0.99!

Read the rest here.

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Did You Stay ’til the End? #TheWalkingDead

I didn’t. And I missed this:

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@PurveyorOfProse on Indie Publishing & Crowdfunding for “The Onestop Apocalypse Shop”

“Publishing isn’t in the dire straits that some would have you believe, but just like the music business we are all trying to figure it out. Consumers are still buying books. The big five are scrambling to figure out how to do more because their overhead is so massive, and if I can be totally honest, you’ve got a lot of people in big publishing who have become complacent. They’re missing opportunity because they aren’t nimble enough.”

Read the full article on

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Tom Hanks launches a writing app for iPad that mimics the typewriter

Well, the app itself obviously isn’t from the 19th century, but it’s meant to mimic a technology that first came to use in the late 1800′s: the typewriter, and it even has the look and sound (if not the feel) of those charming old devices.

It was created by Tom Hanks (yes, THAT Tom Hanks) and it’s called… read more here.

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Big Announcement! & Win the ‘Sickest. Zombies. Ever’. #rzp #bookboost #iart

Want a free Kindle copy of the novella calls the ‘Sickest. Zombies. Ever.’? Like my most recent post on my fan page and you could be 1 of 3 winners. I will be doing the Rafflecopter giveaway this Friday. Read for yourself what other people are saying about Fleshbags.

I’m doing this because I have a HUGE announcement to make. It’s been some time in the works (actually going back to January), but I’ve signed a deal with the Simon and Schuster imprint Atria to edit my very first anthology titled Anything but Zombies! due summer 2015. I’ve assembled an awesome group of writers–as a matter of fact, I’m surprised I got them all. Armand Rosamilia, Jeff Strand, and Tonia Brown just to name a few. This comes in addition to my first YA novel coming in November from Permuted Press.

What’s that you say? You’d prefer a printed copy? That actually has two stories. Fleshbags and The Zombie ShowOne lucky winner will receive a signed copy.

This year is going to round out quite nicely with more stuff lining up for next year and beyond. I have other things in the works, but my two new babies come first. So get on board now, maybe win yourself a free book. Hurry, before I become a complete snob and completely ignore you.


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My Next Novel #rzp @PermutedPress

Okay, so you haven’t heard anything from me in a while. That’s because over the last couple weeks I’ve been hard at work on two major projects, one of which I can talk about now. Late last year, I signed a deal with Permuted Press to pen my first YA novel, titled Vamp-Hire. It’s about a half human, half vampire who has to do odd jobs to make ends meet.

I’ll talk more about it in the coming months, but it’s due out 11/11/14 and I’ve just finished the last round of edits. Those were tough, but that’s a good thing because Felicia Sullivan is a really great editor. I wouldn’t mind her editing all my stuff.

I’ll talk about the other project soon enough. In the meantime, checkout Where the Monsters AreIt’s only $0.99.

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@actuallyNPH May Join #AmericanHorrorStory

Neil Patrick Harris’ wish to appear in “American Horror Story: Freak Show” is co-creator Ryan Murphy’s command.

Harris told EW Radio that he penned a letter to Murphy asking to be on the new season of the FX series.

Read the rest here.

Have you read Where the Monsters Are? Download a copy for 99¢ on Amazon. Just click the link:

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Review of Bad@ss Zombie Roadtrip by @ToniaBrown1

Just finished this book and I loved it. Tonia Brown is now on my must read list and I will begin the very slow process of devouring her books. I purchased this after reading a 5-star review by a reviewer I respect and downloaded this immediately. At $2.99 for almost 300 pages, I have to say Badass Zombie Road Trip is a steal.

Jonah has seven days to find his best friend’s soul, or lose his own, dragging a zombie across the country with a stripper who has an agenda of her own, while being pursued for a crime he didn’t commit… and dealing with Satan.

The Good

The writing is fantastic. I’m surprised that Brown could write male characters so convincingly. The laughs are genuine and don’t come off as ‘trying’ at any point. Jonah comes off as an everyman loser type who’s just so far beneath the task at hand you wonder how the guy crawls out of bed. Dale is a jerk. There is no reason to believe these two would ever be friends and yet the relationship between them comes off as totally legitimate.

The Bad

If I have to complain about something, I’d say editing. It could use a little tweaking, but honestly that’s not a real complaint because it in no way interrupts the story.

And How Did I Feel About That…

I’m new to Tonia Brown and I can honestly say I love her work. It’d be a goal of mine to work with her someday. As I came to the end of this book I realized what struck me as familiar: it reminds me of that show Reaper. Remember, about the two guys who worked in the big box store who reclaimed the souls that escaped from hell? I could easily see this book being adapted into a screenplay and the awesome Ray Wise returning as the Devil. If you love horror, comedy, and horror-comedy in any combination you should pick this book up.

I write stuff too! Download a copy of my short Where the Monsters Are. Only $0.99.


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