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Whether you’ve found this site by chance, clicked on a link from Twitter or Facebook, or downloaded a free copy of 30 Minute Plan, you’ve made it. I’m guessing your likes are walks on the beach, people who like to smile, and horror. But wait, before you just go why not take a look at what else I have?

Like the equally free The Beggar’s Bowl? I know, I know, that cover is awful. I’ll probably do another when I get time, but there’s a lot more to be read! Like Fleshbags or Where the Monsters Are, my Halloween book of shorts The Best Night of the YearThere’s just so many to choose from and considering most are only $0.99 you don’t have to pick just one.

Check out my booklist.

Or my UK booklist.

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Anything but Zombies! #PDF1 #SNRTG #IARTG @AtriaBooks

Want to see a book get a lot more attention? Upload the cover. I’d been keeping the cover to the upcoming anthology, Anything but Zombies, under wraps until I got the official go ahead to share it when I perchanced to see it already on Amazon a few days ago. All of a sudden, my site has gotten a lot more views and pre-orders have skyrocketed. With the release a little more than a month away, I’m churning with excitement at the prospect of a lot of people having a copy.

It’s hard to believe I announced this book was coming out way back in September. Time really flies. Pre-order your copy of Anything but Zombies right now! You can also download a copy of my first YA novel, Vamp-Hire, out now from Permuted Press.

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The Return of Dethm8

After a super long hiatus, Dethm8 will be returning soon. For anyone who hasn’t read it before, it’s the story of a group of people trapped in a restaurant by a killer in a strange-looking race car. The waitresses are slowly developing super powers and one of the patrons isn’t human. The fun thing about this is I don’t entirely know where this storyline is headed. I will repost the first half of the story with the second to follow immediately after. Stay tuned for an announcement of the date (still figuring that part out).

In the meantime, why not check out some of my published works, including Vamp-Hire and the soon to be released Anything but Zombies?

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This is What It Looks Like #razorlinepress

So I got the temp cast off this past Monday (which is kind of odd; aren’t all casts temporary?) and I have to say, it didn’t look as gory as I expected. The nurse didn’t faint, I didn’t let out a high-pitched squeal and the doctor didn’t cackle madly as lightning flashed in a window behind him. That’s not to say it isn’t gross at all, it just doesn’t gross me out.

I took pictures, though. I would have gotten more, but these guys get you in and out fast. I’ll start with the pics of the casting.

Cast 1


For those of you who have broken a bone, you already know the deal. That white stuff is like really sticky, really soft toilet paper. It tears easily and yes, if you had enough of it, you could be a really cool mummy for Halloween for all of five minutes. It would more than likely snag on anything you came near and leave you undressed for the party.

Cast 2

That black stuff was originally in a roll. After the nurse dunked it in some water she began quickly wrapping my hand, snipping it (the material, not my hand) here and there to wind tightly around my thumb, under to the edge of the medical toilet paper (at some point she rolled that up and down so the edges weren’t ragged like you see above) until everything was covered to her satisfaction. Midway through I began to feel heat in my hand and asked her about it once I realized it wasn’t my imagination. The actual cast is made of a fiber-glass type material that has a chemical in it that heats up to promote drying. A minute or two after she was done, the cast was solid and she said it would take twenty-four hours to cure.

Cast 3 Cast 4


What I wound up with is lightweight and solid. And despite movies like Terminator 2 where the woman with her arm in a cast hits Arnold across the face with her cast, smashing his sunglasses, that would absolutely hurt. I mean hurt me. I’ve already lightly hit it at the wrong angle and been in agony, so I won’t be beating any cyborgs over the head with it.

Now, what you really came to see. The gore. Well, not the gore, but the metal shards jabbed haphazardly into my hand. Okay, I’m exaggerating, I’m an author–sue me. But before that, a small commercial or two.



Mankind has won the Vampire Conflict. But the cost of victory is that a few humans have been turned into vamps–half human, half vampire. Prejudice against the vamps is high so finding work is near impossible. Plus, the slightest infraction could send any one of them back to the Pens, a place that’s as awful as any place on Earth.

Nick is a loner who walks a narrow line between legal and illegal to make ends meet. He begrudgingly shares his home with a woman and her young child and finds work doing odd jobs suited only to vamps. When a chance encounter seems like it could lead into real work, Nick discovers he’s in more danger than ever. The military is trying to kidnap him, and something old and hungry has begun to roam the streets preying on his kind. To fight this ancient evil, he has to reach out to his own kind for help–and decide how human he is after all.

Anything but Zombies

Coming soon from Atria Books, a Simon & Schuster imprint. I edited that.

And now what you came to see; the gore.

 Pins 3

Pins 1

And here’s a closer angle. I don’t know why my thumb looks so huge.

Pins 2

And here’s an extreme close-up. No, that’s not a hole, it’s a sore. I left it because they left it.

Pins 4

I should have the cast on for three weeks and then I’ll get another checkup and they’ll put a new cast on (maybe next time I’ll choose purple or neon green).

Now that The Walking Dead is over, why not try a different kind of monster? Where the Monsters Are, only $0.99.

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#TheThing Should be on Your #Christmas Movie Watchlist

In the spirit Easter, I’d like to talk about Christmas.

Like every horror writer, I’m a fan of horror movies. I saw movies like Creepshow and The Howling when I was five years old. I’ve seen my fair share of really bad ones and some good ones too. Occasionally, there are great horror movies that I see something new even after watching them hundreds of times. One such movie, my favorite of all time by the way, is John Carpenter’s The Thing.

The Thing is the 1982 version (not remake) of the John W Campbell, Jr. short story, “Who Goes There?” which was originally made as The Thing from Another World. Everyone who’s even a casual fan of horror over the last 30 years has seen this movie, so I don’t need to rehash the plot. But there is one key sentence that reveals that the story unfolds during the holiday season.

John Carpenter’s The Thing is an allegory for what happens to bad little boys at Christmas.

Five words are all that’s needed to set up my argument. “First g***amn week of winter.”

Those were MacReady’s words after the two Swedes Norwegians landed at the U.S. outpost, intent on killing what appeared to be a malamute, but who wind up getting blown up and shot.

The first day of winter back in 1982 was December 22, a Wednesday, three days before Christmas.  The movie is seen over the course of five days–from the helicopter firing on the malamute to Mac and Childs sitting near the burning camp, exhausted. Now your first assumption might be that the first day was a Wednesday, but had he meant that he would have said it was the first day of winter. So how do we know what day it is when Mac declares they’re turning the corner of the Winter Solstice? The week starts on Sunday, the 19th in this case, to Saturday, the 25th.

The movie begins on a Tuesday. And before you say I have no evidence to back that up, let me lay out out my argument over the course of days and you’ll see how I backdated to this day.

We all know the story (and in case you don’t, I’ll wait while you purchase and watch), but let’s go through the chronology. I’ll just hit the highlights.

Day 1 :

  • Dead Norwegians
  • Malamute infects Palmer and Norris

Day 2:

  • Norwegian camp and two-headed corpse
  • Malamute eats sled dogs

Day 3:

  • Bennings is assimilated
  • Blair goes nuts
  • Fuchs is killed (or assimilated?)

Day 4:

  • Nauls goes with Mac to his shack
  • Mac takes control with a stick of dynamite
  • Norris-thing kills Copper
  • The test
  • Palmer reveals itself
  • Blair-thing kills Garry
  • Outpost 31 is systematically blown up

Day 5:

  • Blair-thing gets blown up with a stick of dynamite
  • Mac and Childs are the last two left

You might dispute the chronology slightly, but the last item for each day could just as easily bleed over into the morning of the next considering there weren’t any clocks and I do have to concede the Blair-thing could just as easily have revealed itself at 8pm as 2am, but if movies like to do anything, they like that sense of arbitrary balance. The monster tends to like popping out at midnight and that’s what I believe happened here. Starting from Tuesday the 21st that makes the Blair-thing blowing up happen on the 25th. Merry Christmas.

But that’s only half the argument. What do bad little boys have to do with anything? The first two clues are staring each other in the face at the end of the movie: Mac and Childs. Childs is obvious, you know what a child is. MacReady is a Scottish name and the nickname Mac is Scottish for son. Childs has a temper, Mac breaks his toys (pouring booze into his computer), Palmer smokes weed, Windows falls asleep instead of getting his job (or chore) done, Nauls plays his music too loud, Blair doesn’t play well with others, Fuchs plays with fire, Garry loses his keys, Clark lets the dog make a mess, Bennings has a boo-boo and Norris is a follower. I couldn’t really think of what Copper did that could be considered bad and the Bennings one is weak. Perhaps that one can be swapped with Bennings running with scissors (his hands after he’d been assimilated). Also consider this: Windows’ name originally had been Sanchez in the script. Sanchez is a Spanish surname that means holy or blameless. Another word for blameless is innocent. You know, like children are.

And as long as we’re bringing up religious undertones (it is CHRISTmas, afterall), a palmer is a pilgrim who has returned from a trip to the Holy Land. The name Bennings derives from the Roman name Benedictus, which means blessed. A clark is a person of a minor religious order. When Blair says to Mac he doesn’t know who to trust anymore, Mac responds with, “Trust in the Lord.”

Finally, also consider what a present is. It’s a container that has something in it that is unknown until it is unwrapped. Just as Palmer had something in him that was unknown until he was unwrapped. A large part of Christmas is the unknown as gifts are put under the tree where they await opening. A large component of The Thing is fear of the unknown. By the time Nauls comes back  from Mac’s shack without him, no one trusts anyone and Childs is about ready to burn everybody just to be on the safe side. Oh, and Copper derived from kuper which derived from kup, which is also a container.

Although my evidence is admittedly akin to circumstantial, taken in total it plainly shows how Bill Lancaster either intentionally or subconsciously had a horrifying idea that bad things should befall little boys around the Christmas season. There is no way to see this from any other angle. Nope. None.

…Unless when Mac referred to the first week of winter he wasn’t harkening back to the northern winter solstice (I assume by his accent he’s American) and really meant the winter solstice of the southern hemisphere, where the Antarctic and Outpost 31 are which occurs sometime between June 20th and 22nd. No, my carefully laid out, time-devouring argument is right. It just has to be.

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Are You Nice to Your Characters? #iartg #BookBoost #PDF1

One of the most recent reviewers of Vamp-Hire wrote something to me that got me thinking. “Poor nick,” she wrote, “you are pretty mean to him.” As it had been about six months since I’d read the whole story, I was kind of surprised. Was I? My intention was to write an every-man story set in a post-apocalyptic world. Of course something bad had to happen so he had something to struggle against and (hopefully) overcome. It never crossed my mind that I wasn’t being nice. But then again, I began to think, wasn’t that part of the point of the story?

Life definitely kicks Nick in the balls and he goes through some tough times and experiences a half vampire’s version of racism (specism? hemophagism? Ah, my brain isn’t going to let this go until I think of a proper-sounding word). I guess I have been mean to him and I was just late to the game so far as seeing that. If I ever get around to writing a sequel, I’m certain to be nasty to him some more.

Already read the book? Why not pre-order Anything but Zombies, available May 26 from Atria Books!

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#SneakPeek of #TheWalkingDead 90 Minute Season Finale

See it here.

And after you’re all done playing with the dead, why not pre-order the anthology Anything but Zombies or my YA novel, Vamp-Hire.

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Review of @AnneRiceAuthor ‘s #PrinceLestat #amreading

Prince Lestat


I just finished listening to the audiobook of Prince Lestat and the story was like putting on an old pair of comfortable jeans. I read the first book in The Vampire Chronicles back in high school in the mid-nineties and the next three books shortly thereafter (somewhere in there, I also read Ramses the Damned which would make an excellent movie as well).

The Good

The writing is as good as any other book in the series that I’ve read (I confess, I missed the last six installments). Lestat is just as elusive in character as he is in location as vampires begin collecting as a voice begins awakening ancients and compelling them to kill young vampires.

The Bad

I’m not sure there is anything bad, per se, but something that bothers me and in hindsight, has bothered me about the series. Human beings are essentially cattle. I mean, I know that is the attitude of some (or a lot) of the vampires throughout the series, but we are really never a threat at all and there is no sort of fight against these predators. Ricedoes mention a few times how a vampire is captured, but it escapes and destroys it captors or other vampires break it out. Human beings never rally to say, “Enough snacking on necks, let’s get our pitchforks and tell theses vampers whatfor.” She does explain that humans still don’t believe they exist, but there’s one small problem with that. The Talamasca know they exist and all of them are human (unless you count David Talbot as being a member). But through the thousands of years they’ve been documenting the living dead nobody ever said, “Hey, let me put down this notepad and pick up a stake and torch?”

And How Did I Feel About That…

I still loved the book, but the conflict was a little less in the arena of grand climax and resolution. I never felt like the main characters were in that much danger. Even the ones who died didn’t really have death scenes that seized me and had me on edge. It was more of a ‘This is about to happen/this just happened’ kind of thing. That sounds a lot more ho-hum than it’s meant to be. I’m still jealous of Anne Rice as an author and wish I had a scintilla of her writing ability and hope to one day be able to look back on a career as an author as long as she’s had. I just would have liked to have felt a greater sense of danger throughout the book and maybe that would have been had Lestat been under threat.

Upon checking Rice’s Wikipedia Page for The Vampire Chronicles, it appears as though Prince Lestat is only the first in a new series. A sure fire way to know I liked a book is if I read its sequel and Blood Paradise is definitely on my list.

Hey, I wrote a book about vampires too! Well, kinda. Download a copy of Vamp-Hire and check it out. Only $5.99!

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Vamp-Hire Tonight at Midnight! #iartg

In just under a half hour my first YA novel, Vamp-Hire, will be published by Permuted Press. This is my first, full-length novel since The Ghost Toucher almost five years ago. I’m as excited as I am nervous because this was a new challenge for me as I’ve never really written for a younger audience and it came out a lot better than I expected.
I won’t toot too much, but if you like vampires, I’d say give it a look. It’s been reviewing well so far. I’m going to be doing a giveaway on Facebook tomorrow too (Vamp-Hire Release Party) where you can win a free book from Permuted. I invite you to come over be check it out.

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The Reviews are Coming in for #VampHire #PDF1 #BookBoost #snrtg

In one week, my first YA eBook will be published. As this rolling ball begins really rolling, it’s been getting some excellent reviews too. I’ll just let them speak for themselves.

“Finally, a refreshing addition to the vampire genre.”

“A thrilling novel vampire-lovers can sink their teeth into.”

“A thrilling novel where traditional meets dystopian. Brilliant.”

“Although I am not a huge fan of vampire books, I am a fan of Gerald Rice. I love everything that he has written. And Vamp-Hire is no different. First off, forget all that typical vampire lore. This is nothing like that. This is original and modern and more realistic. It was full of action and emotion and I had a lot of trouble putting it down. I sure hope there will be a sequel to this because I can’t see it ending here. Great job Gerald, I think this may be the best yet!”

You can pre-order a copy of Vamp-Hire for your Kindle.

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Smells Like #bookboost #snrtg #iartg

Smells Like


Some books just don’t get enough attention. That being said, I’ve decided to offer my little eBook, Smells Like, for free this weekend. Maybe you’ll think about it during the Big Game or on your way to the store or something, but it’s yours–free for the cost of clicking this link.

I was looking at the Amazon page for this story and saw it doesn’t have anywhere near enough reviews. So why not get a copy and review it?

And as long as you’re already on Amazon, why not hop over to Anything but Zombies and pre-order the anthology before it’s published this May? I’ve already reserved my copy!

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