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Wife Agrees To Take Cheating Husband Back If He Gets 10K Likes On #Facebook | Happy Place

Check out the Guilty Minds Facebook Page. Coming soon!

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13 Real Animals Lifted Directly Out of Your Nightmares |

And check out Fleshbags when you’re done.

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The (#zombie) Burr-Hamilton Duel of 1804

Dr. Hosack’s Original Account of the Burr-Hamilton Duel of 1804

Dr. David Hosack, physician of Alexander Hamilton at the time of his death, wrote his account of events in the aftermath of the duel between the two rival politicians on August 17, 1804, more than a month after Hamilton had died as a result of his injuries.  The prevailing reason for such a lengthy delay was that there was some debate as to what Hosack would be allowed to write.

In 1935, literary scholar Bennet K. Sage uncovered a box filled with various documents in a basement at Burmeister College.  At first glance, he believed them unimportant until he recognized the signature of Dr. Hosack affixed to one.  It appeared to be another draft of the events preceded by the duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton and was dated July 20, 1804, nine days after the fatal duel that eventually took Hamilton’s life.  What could be read of the letter stated:

“The Colonel [Burr] never fired [at me].  Just after the second gave word, a wild man emerged from the bush.  I had already given my affirmation when I caught site of him from the corner of my eye.  At first, I mistook him for an African by his darkened skin.  But he was not adorned as a slave, though his clothes were ragged.  [Illegible] bit me and I screamed to the Colonel, ‘Sh—[illegible]… to which, he fired, his shot landing in the man’s side.  Yet he did not fall, merely turning to him with those mindless eyes, then fleeing back into the bush…”

Only then did I begin scribing what my good friend had told me [illegible] moment his thoughts were sparse and inconcise.  He claimed to have visions of relatives long past [illegible] demise would be short in coming.  I also took note Hamilton no longer sweated.  Believing him parched, I pinched the flesh of his arm, but he showed no symptom of dehydration.  Again, [illegible] refused to eat.

The complexion of the facies in particular took on a pronounced paleness and there were several moments where I was certain he was no longer drawing breath.  Again, I applied spirits of hartshorn [illegible] found his mouth clenched shut and unable to administer orally.  Finally, I ushered everyone out of the room so that I may examine him privately.  It is then he rose from his bed and attempted to attack me.

He was wild, but slow and perhaps blind; a milky layer [illegible].  I had fallen back from his attack and unintentionally barricaded myself inside by overturning an old oak desk.  He advanced upon me and I still had my bag.  I was left with no choice, I removed my scalpel and neatly slashed his carotid.  A congealed substance not blood came out that I still cannot reconcile as a doctor.

[Illegible] burst through the door.  They were in uniform, but I had never seen them black before.  None of them wore rank.  One aimed his musket and fired a single shot into Hamilton’s head, putting him down.”

The college already had in its possession a half-finished journal of Hosack’s secretary.  One particular entry may shed light on why the doctor’s letter was revised:

“At first I believed the man a potential patient.  His eyes were bloodshot, his wig was not affixed properly on his head and there was an awfull scar across his face.  He identified himself only as Sanford before storming past me and entering the goode doctor’s examining room.  The prior patient left quickly after, still replacing his clothing in the process.  The door shut firmly behind this new man—I heard a considerable amount of yelling from the examining room, none of it Dr. Hossack’s.

It was some time later before either man emerged.  All of the other patients had left.  The man had a paper clutched in his hand and I caught sight of a pistol beneath his cowl before he exited.  Dr. Hossack was covered with ink, looking thoroughly out of sorts and dishevelled.  He immediately took me aside and ordered me not to speak of his presents.”

Before Sage could publish his findings, however, the newly discovered document and the journal disappeared.  In his further research the only reference he could find to a ‘Sanford’was a John K. Sandford, a lieutenant in the Revolutionary War who had allegedly been mortally wounded by a British soldier’s saber.

Can’t live without zombies? Then try Fleshbags and The Zombie Show.


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I wrote a zombie flash story a couple years ago for a publisher that never really went anywhere. Look for it tonight at 7:30 eastern. It’s a different take on the Burr-Hamilton Duel of 1804.


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New Releases on #Amazon #amwriting

Now your faithful readers can get alerts anytime you publish a new book on Kindle. If you guide people to your Author’s Page (which you should set up immediately if you haven’t already) they can get an alert by clicking on the link exactly like the one below. And if you need to set up your Author’s Page, scroll down to the bottom and click the link on the right. You can also do this for every country Amazon has a specified site for.

Stay Up to Date


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#TheWalkingDead spinoff series confirmed by #AMC

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Hacked I-75 sign warns drivers of ‘loose gorilla’ – WNEM TV 5

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Mighty Wings are Back!

I had heard about it on the radio, but I had not been to McDonald’s since hearing they were returning. I’m looking forward to many a wing.

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Get Ready for #HeartbreakHotel

You’re going to be seeing this hashtag from me a lot. #HeartbreakHotel is the novel I should have been working on a while ago and now I’m back at it. I just finished an anthology piece for Dead Frequencies (should be out in October) and I’m editing a piece for an upcoming novella titled Axe to the Face. I’m behind on the editing, but at least I have the short off my plate. I may put it out my short story with Axe, not sure yet, but you’ll see it somewhere.

But now I’ve cleared the way to truly begin Heartbreak Hotel. I’ve had this thing in the works for months now and have only written about 3,000 or so words. Really interesting small projects just kept popping up, including the short I wrote for

<a href=”″>The Speed of Dark</a><img src=”; width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” style=”border:none !important; margin:0px !important;” />. But I’m clearing the way. I may even make this book my NaNoWriMo project.

Can’t wait? Try

<a href=”″>The Zombie Show</a><img src=”; width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” style=”border:none !important; margin:0px !important;” />.

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#Jurassic Park 4? YES

I’ve seen all three of these puppies in the theater and am eager to see another. Especially, if they make a movie out of the Samuel L. Jackson story line I read about earlier this year (couldn’t find the link, but essentially, Ray survives the raptor attack and uses his chewed off limb to paddle somewhere to safety and eventually becomes a one-armed dinosaur hunter or something). Right now, the movie is slated for a summer 2015 release.

Here’s the article:

Just because you can make another Jurassic Parkshould you?!

That was the moral crux at the center of the original film and a question that resonated with fans when yet another, inevitable sequel was announced. Well, the answer to both is: Hell yes!

Always say yes to more dinosaurs. Always.

Read more here.

For more flesh hungry monsters, try

<a href=”″>Fleshbags</a><img src=”; width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” style=”border:none !important; margin:0px !important;” />.

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