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Vote for this Anthology!

The Speed of Dark has been nominated for the P&E, Critters Workshop, Anthologies Award. My short story, The Little Door, is included.

Voting is only open until January 14th at

Please go to the page, scroll halfway down, click on The Speed of Dark circle, scroll further down and leave your name and email, complete the Animus (Captcha) and then click on Vote.

In other news, The Speed of Dark is now being read by the selection Jury for the HWA Bram Stoker Award.

You can download a copy at for $5.95.

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Halfway through season four, #TheWalkingDead is better than ever #amc

With its outstanding mid-season finale, the zombie show proved that it’s back to its best. But where does it go from here?

Read more here.

Need more zombies in your life? Download Fleshbags, The Zombie Show, or The Butterman Cometh.

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The Beggar’s Bowl #kindle #free #amreading

Hey, to anyone who hasn’t read it already, I actually have a 2nd free eBook on Amazon. It’s called The Beggar’s Bowl. I actually had the idea in mind for years and finally sat down to write it about 3 years ago. The cover is my own design: I may revamp it in the new year in time with a new release of something. But here’s the link:

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Working my way up!

I’m slowly, but surely making my way toward my daily word count. Having a spreadsheet where I can keep track of exactly how much I’m writing is making me a lot more accountable and forces me to reevaluate what I’m doing from day to day. I’m not quite where I want to be, but I have a better idea of what I need to do.


Need a good horror read? Download Where the Monsters Are, available on Kindle.

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Where the Monsters Are #giveaway Winners

In celebration of the six 5-star reviews Where the Monsters Are received on #amazon, I did a giveaway for the best under-the-bed and in-the-closet monster encounters. Here are the winning entries.

Kya Aliana

I have a vague memory from when I was 3… I’m not sure if it’s real or was some sort of prank. My parents claim it was real. So, for what it’s worth:
I was three or four, and I remember trying to sleep but I couldn’t because there was this loud music coming from the living room. Every time I snuck out of bed to open my bedroom door the music would stop the instant I twisted the doorknob. It wasn’t the music I was used to either… something was different… it was classical: like the music that would play in old fashioned balls. I heard laughing and lots of voices, but no one was home except my parents. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well at all that night. The music didn’t stop until the sunrise. It was around sunrise that I stepped out of my room and walked down the carpeted stairs. As soon as I set foot on the hardwood, I felt something wet and icky. I looked down to see the entire floor was covered in green slime. I wasn’t scared, but excited. I ran back upstairs to wake my parents and told them “the ghosts had a party last night!” They seemed puzzled by the weird slime that seemed to evaporate when you touched it or tried to save it in a plastic bag. My grandmother left the house earlier that morning for work and said there had been no such thing on the floor… The memory – although vague – still haunts me.

Tina Rooker
My worst childhood encounter with an under-the-bed monster: I was 8 yrs old and turned off the lights fast, running for the bed so that ‘he’ couldn’t get me. I was careful to wrap myself tight like a burrito so that nothing of skin was available over the edge of the bed or on the bed but somehow during the night I awoke from a nightmare so fierce that I had to get up. The problem was that I couldn’t! I was so frozen with fear that I was unable to move, barely able to breathe and most definitely unable to scream for my mom. I tried so hard but it was as if my windpipe was being cut off from the monster standing at the foot of my bed. I have no idea how long I was frozen like that but it seemed an eternity! He was staring at me with huge fangs , claws and breath that I swear I can still smell to this day from the foot of my bed and I was completely and utterly catatonic! I have never gotten over the experience and still sleep completely wrapped neck to toe like a burrito in case he comes back, no matter how damn hot it gets in summer (I’ll pay extra for the electric bill to cover the A/C).. I just know he’s not done with me yet.
Steve Chaput
When I was about 12 my father, who put up outdoor billboards for a living, told me that he would let me choose a billboard that I could use in place of the flowered wallpaper in my bedroom. There was a great automobile ad that showed a family picking up pumpkins to put in the back of their station wagon. A great, colorful Autumn scene. My dad put it up and on the second night I woke up and saw what looked like the face of the devil staring down from the corner of my room. I screamed and my mother came in. Apparently the leaves of one of the trees, shadowed and partially showing sunlight took the form (in my mind) of a demon’s face. I had to live with that for the next three years, because my father told me I was ‘being childish’.
RJ Kennett
Pfft. Childhood schmildhood. My worst monster-under-the-bed moment came as an adult, having a bad reaction to medication that caused hallucinations. Visual, auditory, and TACTILE. I actually felt the clawed hands grab my ankles and wrists, saw the red-eyed, white-furred werewolf and heard an odd, but loud, buzzing moving around the room.

Now, fortunately I’m an adult, so I figured it was all in my mind and went to sleep anyway – but it was still freaky and I didn’t sleep well!

Michael Noe
One of the coolest things that happened was in a house I used to live in. My ex-wife and I are were coming home from grocery shopping and I happened to look into the kitchen window and was quite surprised to see a dog sitting by the refrigerator. Problem was we didn’t own a dog. Scared the hell out of me. In the same house I was looking in the bathroom mirror and suddenly saw a man standing in the doorway. He didn’t look menacing just stood there like he belonged. I turned around and there was no one there. Loved that house and all of the activity was always fun to encounter.
Susan Pigott
My encounter is not so much of a childhood encounter as it is now. I apparently have a spirit in my house that has a sense of humor. ‘He’ likes to turn lights on after I turn them off . I can hear conversations when it’s only me in the house and he likes to move things around. And I can hear him moving around and on occasion I have caught a glimpse of him. And yes, I realize this sounds crazy, but it’s the truth.

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There’s Still Time to Get a #Free eBook #bynr #iartg

Where the Monsters Are is only $0.99, but you can get a copy for free. Just join the Facebook event or respond to this post with your best encounter with the things that go bump in the night and if you write one of the best 6 entries you’ll get a free copy of the eBook that shows what happens when a man meets the grown-up version of his childhood monster.

You have until 3 AM December 12.

Also available for Amazon UK.

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Setting Writing Goals and Keeping Them

Download a copy of my latest story, Where the Monsters Are. It already has six 5-star reviews and is only $0.99!

Like many other authors last month, I accepted the NaNoWriMo challenge last month. And like many of those authors, I fell way short of my goal. Part of the problem was not seeing how much I was writing. Sure, I could check my word count, but that wasn’t really putting it in the proper perspective for me.

So I wanted to pick up from where I fell down miserably sometime in mid-November (approximately 7,000 words). I’ve already espoused the virtues of Google Drive and writing with your smart phone. Now while I’m currently having some issues with writing on my smart phone, it’s still beats the hell out of writing in a notebook and transcribing later.

I wanted something more concrete for me, a definite means of seeing exactly where I was and how much further I have to go. So I created a spreadsheet to do just that. This is my actual spreadsheet, titled Goals. Feel free to look it over and if you think it might be of use to you, copy it for yourself.

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Is This the Scariest Commercial Ever?

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Make that Six 5-Star #Reviews

Download a copy of Where the Monsters Are for only $0.99 – Join the Facebook Giveaway Event!

I’m truly surprised. This is probably the best response I’ve gotten to any of my books. I’d written Where the Monsters Are way back in 2006, maybe even earlier and shelved it because I didn’t like it. But I chanced across it, read it again and thought it only had ‘potential’.

Since I only had it in hard copy I had to scan it and re-type the stuff Adobe Reader didn’t recognize (which gave me an opportunity to edit) and when I came to the ending which actually was bad, I changed it, then changed it again.

What a difference a little a few years makes. Check out CM Briggs’ review!

Actually, the reverse of the cliche is true: It’s no fun writing a rave review especially if the reviewer wants to work in the same genre as the author. Folks, don’t read this stuff! Gerald, get’s writer’s cramp or blocked or something because this one’s so good that it’s scary on many levels.

It’s difficult to discus a short story (not quite a novelette by my word count, but why split hairs?) in any detail lest you ruin it for the reader. I can tell you that “Where the Monsters Are” is metaphorical little gem of a fright, ambiguous enough to keep you guessing long after you’ve finished reading and yet immdiately accessible. I agree with the reviewer above who states that you want to go back and reread it a few times to get the full flavor, all of the psychological nuances, of the work. So, not to put you off, let me tell you that there is substance here. This isn’t pretentious in a college, lit class kind of thing written to impress a girlfriend, but an intellectually stimulating and yet emotionally gripping to challange you.) The basic story is vivid and well written enough to keep you reading up until the end as the problems escalate and the narrator’s life gradually goes to to Hell – maybe. Then again, it could be his mind. Nicely done. “Where the Monsters Are” is a perfectly balanced outing from a rising star. If this guy doesn’t end up anthologized along with some of the big, big guns in the horror field…. well, there just isn’t any justice in this world..

There are a hundred, masterful touches here as Gerald builds the suspense, from the initial appearance of “The Man in Black” in the narrator’s favorite coffee shop to several rather cool Raymond Chandler style turns of phrases. When the bad guy’s assistant is introduced part of the description reads: “a smile that should have been sexy but wasn’t.” Just enough.

Right now this is a Lindle “dollar baby” and cheap at half the price. It’s no fluke. There’s real talent at work here. I’ve seen an advance of the author’s newest, “Dead Pictures.” The concept is killer, the execution, even in its unfinished state, chilling.

This is a talent to watch.


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Where the Monsters – Giveaway!

Join the Facebook event here –

Since Where the Monsters Are came out it has gotten six 5-star reviews! It’s on pace to be the most well-reviewed story I’ve ever written! So to say thanks, I’d like to give away 6 copies. All you have to do is tell me about a childhood encounter with an under-your-bed or in-your-closet type of monster. I’ll pick the six I like best and post them on my site. And in case you’d like to check it out, here’s the link to the eBook!

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