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The Weaving Dead #horrorsnippets

Okay, so I started this on a whim and I’m not exactly sure where this is going. Should I finish?

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Officer Teabody climbed his large frame out of his cruiser and casually closed the door. He jabbed both thumbs into his belt, oncing over the big black Buick he’d pulled over. The old car hadn’t been going fast and that was the problem. Had whoever this was simply driven ten miles above the speed limit like everyone else Teabody wouldn’t have noticed him at all.

He’d tried not seeing the car as he’d been thumbing around on his game of Sudoku on his iPhone, but the Buick had crawled across his peripheral vision, several passing cars honking, and thus demanding his attention. Teabody liked Sudoku a lot and he did not like pulling people over, but if he wanted to continue playing while being gainfully employed, he had to occasionally make a traffic stop or two.

And someone making such blatantly poor use of all three southbound lanes on Rochester right in front of him meant that big black Buick had to be one of them.

Teabody took a deep breath and unclipped his Glock. He slid it out and let it hang by his side. He wouldn’t need to use it, these sorts of stops rarely, if ever, had some psychopath behind the wheel. The psychos tended not to stop and wound up starting a high-speed chase and killing some poor unsuspecting motorist. No, the ones who stopped usually were the bluffers; people who were drunk or stoned who thought a breath mint could hide what was on their breath or an air freshener would mask the smell of marijuana.

But he followed the procedure on the off chance this would be the one-out-of-a-thousandth customer who would do something truly stupid like try to shoot him as he came up to the car. Officer Teabody sauntered over, his eyes examining the rear window for passengers in the backseat. All he could make out was darkness. He came up to the bumper of the big black Buick and stared into the side rearview mirror, hoping to get a look at the driver. But it had been turned crazily and the only thing he saw in the mirror was a view of Rochester road, completely useless to him and the driver prior to being pulled over.

His mouth disapproved, forming itself into a grim line. Teabody knew his mouth. He listened to it. It was telling him this one might be a winner. Maybe not a one-in-a-thousandth, but the guy right before him–someone who might demand a gun to be pointed in his face before he complied.

Teabody’s ears perked as he tried to listen for something above the throaty growl of the big black Buick’s old engine. It sounded like there was a geriatric lion under the hood. The car had definitely put its better days in its rear view, but it still could probably get up in speed. The brake lights were off, so the car was in park. If the driver put it in gear, it would take several seconds before he could pull out onto the street. Officer Teabody would be back in his car before he hit twenty miles an hour and would be hawking him before he reached the next stop light. He amended his estimation after he peeked over at the far side of the car and saw the tire was in mud. The big black Buick was rear-wheel drive and would do a significant amount of peeling before finding traction. He could probably make it back into his cruiser and pit the car before it got off the shoulder.

But the driver showed no sign of making a run for it. Matter of fact, he didn’t show any sign of anything. As he sidled up alongside the big black Buick, he hunched his shoulders, letting anything unexpected filter in through his senses. He didn’t hear or see anything out of the ordinary, didn’t even taste anything strange, but his twitching mouth told him there was more here than initially expected.

Finally, Teabody was just shy of the driver’s side door. The Buick was two-door so he was a little farther back than he wanted. The windows weren’t tinted, but it just looked so dark inside. He gradually made out the shoulders and head of the driver who appeared to be just sitting there, waiting. The window was rolled up, which agitated Teabody even further. Typically, people had the window down and were waiting for him, license, registration, and an unsure smile in hand.

This driver appeared to be sitting straight, eyes forward.

It made the corners of Teabody’s mouth nervous. Made him think about just raising his gun and firing until it fell on empty, reload, and begin firing again. Now there was an odd thought. He’d never fired on anyone before and this certainly hadn’t evolved into a situation that deserved it. He had to maintain control of himself.

He didn’t want to release the Glock from his thumbs-forward grip, but realized knocking on the window with the barrel of his gun might come off as a threat. He let go of the gun with one hand and wrapped on the glass.

The driver didn’t move.




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#TheWalkingDead Season #Finale Predictions #amc

The following is a list of people who will die:

  1.        Maggie
  2.        Sasha
  3.        At least 2 guys in Darryl’s group
  4.        Some guy you see in the background once


Now what’s going to actually happen? After the events following the group’s hasty exit from the prison, surprisingly few people died. For a show that has no compunctions about killing main characters, there’s been too much build-up for all these main characters to make it. Combo that with the fact that Terminus looks quiet (one might say almost too quiet) that can only be foreshadowing that something grizzly is going to happen.

For starters, how does everyone just walk in unchallenged? When there are legions of walking corpses eager to rend the flesh of living people’s bones, it makes no sense that there aren’t any sentries. And that woman who greeted them seemed to have no worries that no one was there with ill intent.

I believe there were people in the buildings watching their every move and if anyone had done anything untoward they would have been summarily dispatched. That’s why I think Darryl’s new group is going to take heavy casualties.

I think this is going to be some sort of commune where people have to pay for continued protection. After a relatively small skirmish, everyone will be put properly in line and put to work.

One question, though. Why isn’t everyone shaking that scientist guy until he tells them what caused the outbreak? I mean, if he knows, wouldn’t you want to know immediately?

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The Lost Father

I know it sounds like the awesome title of some new thriller (and who knows, it may yet be), but this is a song I found by chance. My wife and I go to sleep to a Music Choice channel that plays soothing music. As I was laying down Wednesday night this came on and it just grabbed me. I leapt out of bed, put my glasses back on and read the title of the song and the composer.

Listen to Kevin Keller’s The Lost Father.

Did you hear that? Haunting, isn’t it? That is going to inspire me to write something. I looked him up on Amazon and I think I’m going to buy the Nocturnes CD and check out his other stuff.

And you know what reads really well with a nice Kevin Keller CD? Smells Like and Where the Monsters Are. Only $0.99!


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A Gigantic Ripoff #scam #alert

I just spotted this one on Craig’s List. It seemed all right, right up until the point where they said they charge money.  Read on:

 Authors Needed (Houston)

compensation: yes
We are a small book publishing firm in Texas that has co-published 10 books and currently we are looking for more titles to publish in Barnes & Noble and Sears. We are looking for authors that have work that they are wanting to publish in a matter of weeks. We are open to all genres of work as well as length. We do NOT charge to review your work or decide if we would publish it. But, we do charge a small monthly fee of $40 per month after the book is in retailers. If you’re interested and would like to learn more or visits us at our office, send us an email and we can talk more and set up a visit. Thank you

Aside from the $40/month fee, I’m not entirely certain how they select titles to publish. No charge to review is always a good sign, but why are they in such a hurry to publish? Every publisher I work with has several months between when I submit a final draft to when they actually publish. It’s odd. And it’s a little confusing when they say they don’t decide if they would publish it. I suspect that’s a wording issue.

On second thought, this may not be a scam. But unless you know you are going to have high-volume sales (which is virtually impossible) and have no means of getting your book on shelves at Barnes and Noble or Sears (B&N actually has a way you can get your book on their shelves if you’re an indie publisher). This publisher needs to provide a lot more detail to show how it would be worth your while to pay them $40 a month. Starting with how they are going to make you at least $120 a month.

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Get Your Manuscript Edited Here

In case you didn’t know, Razorline Press offers editing services. I’ve edited about 2 dozen titles, mostly horror, but that was by design. I can edit any genre. I just recently got a testimonial from one of the authors I work with and here’s what he had to say:

I love telling stories but damn I know I can make some typos. I’ve used Gerald Rice many times for my books and will continue to do so. I highly recommend him as an editor. He’s fast, knowledgeable, and affordable—the exact qualities you need in an editor. Don’t go out there and get fucked over by some fool pretending to be an editor. Gerald’s the real deal and his prices are a steal.

So if you’re wrapping up on a project and you want to take it to the next level by having it professionally edited, drop me an email at I’ll even give you a free 500 word editing sampler.


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Watch recent full episodes of #TheWalkingDead on now

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The Walking Dead Interview | Michael Cudlitz (Abraham Ford)

Need more zombies in your life? Try The Butterman Cometh. Only 99¢

Dead Alert
February 27, 2014
Q&A � Michael Cudlitz (Abraham Ford)
Q&A – Michael Cudlitz (Abraham Ford)
Michael Cudlitz, who plays Sgt. Abraham Ford on AMC’s The Walking Dead, talks about his apocalyptic skills (or lack thereof) and trying to stack up to a buff comic book character.

Q: How did you end up on The Walking Dead? Were you a fan of the zombie genre before?

A: I grew up watching B horror movies and loved them. I was a huge fan of the Dawn of the Dead stuff and all that. The TV stuff, when it’s done well, can be fantastic. And when it’s not done well, it’s probably some of the [worst] television you’d ever want to watch. People try to grab onto the genre, but it’s always about the storytelling in anything that you’re doing.

Q: It was announced that you would be on the show long before you appeared in an episode. How intense was the fan pressure to reveal things about Abraham?

A: They always ask. Everyone wants to know when you’re coming on. And I don’t think they realize that half the time they’re asking, that’s potentially a spoiler. They just get excited like, "When are you coming, when can we see you?" And it’s like, "Soon." I haven’t told them anything. Hang in there, be patient, watch.

Q: You play a tough guy determined to see his mission through on the The Walking Dead. Are you like that at all in real life?

A: My wife would tell you, no. As Jessica Rabbit says, "I’m just drawn that way."

Q: You played a police officer in Southland. Why do you think you draw these military roles?

Continue reading "Q&A – Michael Cudlitz (Abraham Ford)" »

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