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The Beggar’s Bowl Cover #rzp #iartg #bookplugs #bookworm

Here it is, as promised.

The Beggar's Bowl 2


This eBook is currently free on Amazon and I always felt the cover I’d made for it was so inadequate that it turned people off even though it’s reviewed pretty well. The intent is to have an excerpt of Axe to the Face in the eBook sometime this weekend in anticipation of the release. So download a copy and review it, why don’t you?

And join the Axe to the Face FB page too! All giveaway stuff will be posted there.

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What I’m Listening to Right Now… #rzp #audible

The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor: Part One (The Walking Dead Series)

Need even more zombies in your life? Then try Fleshbags

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Another Review for Where the Monsters Are #rzp #bookplugs #bookworm #iartg #kindle

Download a copy for $0.99 on Amazon.

It’s been at least a month since I looked for any new reviews on this and I was surprised that there have been two since I last checked. One 5-star, one 4, but both are fantastic. Read for yourself and download a copy!

One of the first things I read by Gerald Rice, who is a horror author living a couple of towns over from me, was a flash-fiction story called “Sparing Change.” It rivaled Joe Hill and Stephen King, I swear! It was the coolest, creepiest short-short story I head read in a long time.

Since then, Gerald has put out a lot of stories, and I’ve read some of them. They’re uniformly interesting and compelling. Where the Monsters are is one of those stories that leaves you with more questions than answers, which I love.

Are the monsters real? or is Gerald having some kind of mental break? Or a combination? I haven’t re-read it, like one of the other reviewers suggested, but I think I will, to see if any of those questions get answered. Frankly, I hope they don’t. It’s much more interesting to put your own imagination to the task of deciding.

And even if you’ve already enjoyed this little gem, why not check out some of my other books?

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How Worthless do You Think I am? #scam #rzp

Download a copy of How to Publish on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, & Nook the Easy Way!

I just saw this on Craig’s List and if you saw it, you’d be a fool to do this.
No matter whether it would take you ten minutes or ten hours to write five pages, $5 is selling yourself way short for this short script.

Again, even if this person is on the up-and-up and will actually pay the proposed $5, isn’t your content worth more than that? To get me to even approach $1 a page you’d have to contract me for many more pages than that (and even still, writing original content for such a low amount is ludicrous).

And here’s the kicker. See that thing about a ‘NDA’ being required? That stands for ‘Non-disclosure agreement’ which means he pays you five bones for original content which he can in turn present as if he wrote it himself, publish it, sell it to someone else, or use it to any number of potentially profitable opportunities.

All for the low-low price he got for the sweat off your back.


 Short Script

compensation: $5 paid via paypal within 24 hours or less of receipt
5 page script for $5Script must be 5 pages and based on provided promptNDA required and all copyrights will be transferred to me

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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@IAMLenaHeadey to Star in @RealCliveBarker Adaptation ‘Jacqueline Ess’ #RZP

David Cronenberg is the king of body horror, but the early works of Clive Barker have their own sharp and disturbing body horror angle, too. While most of the films based on his early short stories don’t make as much of that aspect as they might, there’s still hope for any new adaptation from the Books of Blood.

Download Where the Monsters Are for Kindle:

Now a story from the second Books of Blood volume is being brought to the screen, with Lena Headey in the lead role. Jacqueline Ess: Her Will and Testament is a story about a woman whose mental powers can change the form of peoples’ bodies, with fatal effect. She ends up using those powers to provide the sort of sexual experience that might give pause to even some of Barker’s characters featured in Hellraiser. The film, Jacqueline Ess, will be directed by Jovanka Vukovic.

Read more here.

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