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My Next Novel #rzp @PermutedPress

Okay, so you haven’t heard anything from me in a while. That’s because over the last couple weeks I’ve been hard at work on two major projects, one of which I can talk about now. Late last year, I signed a deal with Permuted Press to pen my first YA novel, titled Vamp-Hire. It’s about a half human, half vampire who has to do odd jobs to make ends meet.

I’ll talk more about it in the coming months, but it’s due out 11/11/14 and I’ve just finished the last round of edits. Those were tough, but that’s a good thing because Felicia Sullivan is a really great editor. I wouldn’t mind her editing all my stuff.

I’ll talk about the other project soon enough. In the meantime, checkout Where the Monsters AreIt’s only $0.99.

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@actuallyNPH May Join #AmericanHorrorStory

Neil Patrick Harris’ wish to appear in “American Horror Story: Freak Show” is co-creator Ryan Murphy’s command.

Harris told EW Radio that he penned a letter to Murphy asking to be on the new season of the FX series.

Read the rest here.

Have you read Where the Monsters Are? Download a copy for 99¢ on Amazon. Just click the link:

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What I’m Reading Right Now… #rzp #bookworm

I’m about halfway through and thoroughly enjoying Mr. Mercedes: A Novel. Grab a copy on Amazon or listen to it on Audible. If you don’t already have an account, you can listen to it for free. Just sign up at Audible today for a 30 day trial.

And after you devour that one, why not download The Prophet? It’s only $0.99.

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The Beggar’s Bowl Cover #rzp #iartg #bookplugs #bookworm

Here it is, as promised.

The Beggar's Bowl 2


This eBook is currently free on Amazon and I always felt the cover I’d made for it was so inadequate that it turned people off even though it’s reviewed pretty well. The intent is to have an excerpt of Axe to the Face in the eBook sometime this weekend in anticipation of the release. So download a copy and review it, why don’t you?

And join the Axe to the Face FB page too! All giveaway stuff will be posted there.

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What I’m Listening to Right Now… #rzp #audible

The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor: Part One (The Walking Dead Series)

Need even more zombies in your life? Then try Fleshbags

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Another Review for Where the Monsters Are #rzp #bookplugs #bookworm #iartg #kindle

Download a copy for $0.99 on Amazon.

It’s been at least a month since I looked for any new reviews on this and I was surprised that there have been two since I last checked. One 5-star, one 4, but both are fantastic. Read for yourself and download a copy!

One of the first things I read by Gerald Rice, who is a horror author living a couple of towns over from me, was a flash-fiction story called “Sparing Change.” It rivaled Joe Hill and Stephen King, I swear! It was the coolest, creepiest short-short story I head read in a long time.

Since then, Gerald has put out a lot of stories, and I’ve read some of them. They’re uniformly interesting and compelling. Where the Monsters are is one of those stories that leaves you with more questions than answers, which I love.

Are the monsters real? or is Gerald having some kind of mental break? Or a combination? I haven’t re-read it, like one of the other reviewers suggested, but I think I will, to see if any of those questions get answered. Frankly, I hope they don’t. It’s much more interesting to put your own imagination to the task of deciding.

And even if you’ve already enjoyed this little gem, why not check out some of my other books?

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Editing Axe to the Face #rzp #iartg #bookplugs

For some strange reason, editing Axe to the Face is a lot tougher than Vamp-Hire was. At only 31,000-something words, it’s less than half the length of my second novel, but it feels like it’s taking me twice as long to comb through it. And the really odd thing is, I’d already done a lot of editing before I began writing Vamp-Hire.

Maybe the YA novel was a lot more straightforward for me. Maybe I might be reaching for too many themes in so short a story. I can’t be sure. It’s probably just my imagination. I think I finished VH in mid-march and I’d finished the working draft sometime in February. I can’t remember when I picked up with AttF. I am up to page 14, though, and the novella is only 49 pages in Word. Maybe I can get done with it in two weeks.

Why not join the Axe to the Face fan page? I’ll be announcing all giveaway information there.

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Petite Morte #iartg #buyindie #poetry

I found an old folder full of stuff, including a bunch of poems I wrote back in college. I’ll comb through it diligently to find some more good stuff. I think this was my first zombie poem. For more zombie stuff, please check out the several zombie stories in my book list.

My poor broken angel, buried in the yard

Eternity to tend the lush greens,

purples and reds of your garden.

A twin engine of lust half-winged


My over-brimming passions drowned you out.                                    5

Two fingers to your soft bruised throat

Confirmed the look in your tender eye.

That accusing stare that becried your crumbled heart


When only a moment before, I swear

Was filled with your undying lovingkindness.                         10

Yea, the day is forever long that you left behind,

And all the darker the rest thereafter;


Choked I am from your presence.

Oh woe! for your beauty is consigned for alway to the scavenger beast

Of microscopic size that picks                                                 15

And chooses and chews and—


What is it?

That unfamiliar scratch on the door,

From a stranger hand.

A monster’s sight behind thine knowing eyes!                         20


Oh, beloved creature,

Take mercy upon me

Where I was excess

Leave me unmolested


For more than filth                                                                   25

And slime separate us.

The very walls of life and

Death are our barrier.


Leave not your stiff kisses

Upon my lips, O raised horror                                                 30

Nor your degenerate stain upon my door

Grant me not the sounds


Of dirty utterances

No, I say!  Speak not!

But instead I hear your soul-terrorizing answer                                    35

As you reach for me ‘most tenderly,


“I didn’t,” you say on,

“I didn’t.”



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#Trueblood Season 7 Trailer #hbo

So sad to see it go, but I’ll definitely be tuned in June 22!

I haven’t written any stories with vampires, but if you want monsters, try Where the Monsters Are. Only $0.99!


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#TheWalkingDead Season #Finale Predictions #amc

The following is a list of people who will die:

  1.        Maggie
  2.        Sasha
  3.        At least 2 guys in Darryl’s group
  4.        Some guy you see in the background once


Now what’s going to actually happen? After the events following the group’s hasty exit from the prison, surprisingly few people died. For a show that has no compunctions about killing main characters, there’s been too much build-up for all these main characters to make it. Combo that with the fact that Terminus looks quiet (one might say almost too quiet) that can only be foreshadowing that something grizzly is going to happen.

For starters, how does everyone just walk in unchallenged? When there are legions of walking corpses eager to rend the flesh of living people’s bones, it makes no sense that there aren’t any sentries. And that woman who greeted them seemed to have no worries that no one was there with ill intent.

I believe there were people in the buildings watching their every move and if anyone had done anything untoward they would have been summarily dispatched. That’s why I think Darryl’s new group is going to take heavy casualties.

I think this is going to be some sort of commune where people have to pay for continued protection. After a relatively small skirmish, everyone will be put properly in line and put to work.

One question, though. Why isn’t everyone shaking that scientist guy until he tells them what caused the outbreak? I mean, if he knows, wouldn’t you want to know immediately?

Don’t be without zombies for the next 6 months, download a copy of Fleshbags, only $2.99!

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