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How About Bob? #TheWalkingDead

Well, vile doesn’t begin to describe the end of Sunday night’s episode. But before I get to that I’d like to acknowledge the The Wire connection:

  1. Seth Gilliam
  2. Chad Coleman
  3. Lawrence Gilliard, Jr.

Hopefully, after Boardwalk Empire has its series finale we can get Michael Kenneth Williams to play a one-man, zombie-killin’ army.

But it goes to show you with The Walking Dead, anytime things seem too happy, too content, something really bad is just around the corner. I don’t think anyone thought Rick and Company had killed all the cannibals, but I honestly thought it would take them a little bit longer to regroup. Like maybe until episode 6 or somewhere around the mid-season finale.

I think it’s obvious where one thing is going. It was set up nicely early on in this episode. Bob, ever the optimist, put a silver lining around every cloud Sasha could throw at him. Then Bob gets bitten by a walker in that basement. Yes, Bob got bitten. After he steps outside the church to have himself a little cry he’s just realized the grand ole time everyone else is having isn’t for him. Cue the cannibals. They eat his leg and give him his silver lining. He was going to die anyway, now at least he’s slowed them down with tainted meat.

I thought Terminus would be a major place throughout this season and it was dashed in the season opener. I think the same is going to happen with these cannibals. The mystery is how Morgan is going to be a big player this season.

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Can’t Wait to See This @T_Double #rzp

As you all know by now, I’ve signed a contract with Atria, a division of Simon and Schuster, to edit an anthology for them. Occasionally, I like to do a search on myself to see what’s new or interesting. Apparently, I’ve died again, but then there’s also this:


I clicked on the link, but it doesn’t work yet. Looking forward to seeing what’s in it. And in case you were wondering, yes, you can pre-order Anything but Zombies. Just click this link!

Sorry, what was that? Oh, you need zombies right now? Well, then download a copy of The Zombie Show or Fleshbags. Only $2.99!

And amidst the controversy over at Permuted Press, I’m thinking about unshelving Axe to the Face. Vamp-Hire‘s release date has been pushed back to February, so I think I need something that’ll make a good eStocking stuffer for Christmas.

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Gerald Dean Rice Shares His Own Monsters And Inspiration – Brutal Books

The prolific Gerald Dean Rice shares whether I was right about the meaning behind Where The Monsters Are (I wasn’t.) He also tells where he finds his ideas, his influences, as well as the monsters in his own life outside of fiction.

First off, Gerald, what all have you written?

Read the whole interview here.

And download a copy of Where the Monsters Are. Only 99¢!

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@IAMLenaHeadey to Star in @RealCliveBarker Adaptation ‘Jacqueline Ess’ #RZP

David Cronenberg is the king of body horror, but the early works of Clive Barker have their own sharp and disturbing body horror angle, too. While most of the films based on his early short stories don’t make as much of that aspect as they might, there’s still hope for any new adaptation from the Books of Blood.

Download Where the Monsters Are for Kindle:

Now a story from the second Books of Blood volume is being brought to the screen, with Lena Headey in the lead role. Jacqueline Ess: Her Will and Testament is a story about a woman whose mental powers can change the form of peoples’ bodies, with fatal effect. She ends up using those powers to provide the sort of sexual experience that might give pause to even some of Barker’s characters featured in Hellraiser. The film, Jacqueline Ess, will be directed by Jovanka Vukovic.

Read more here.

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You don’t own your #Kindle books, #Amazon reminds customer – NBC

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#Emmy voters should embrace #TheWalkingDead

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is not only the biggest hit on cable, it’s also delivering the kinds of numbers the broadcast networks have all but given up on. However, it’s usually overlooked in conversations about the best work on television, especially when overshadowed by “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad” on the same network. But Emmy voters, you should approach it with fresh eyes this year.

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Cthulhu Man

PORTLAND — Police released a sketch Wednesday of a man who has been exposing himself to kids in Northeast Portland.

The man was most recently spotted Tuesday, exposing himself to a child outside of a home near Northeast 45th Avenue and Stanton Street at 4:45 p.m., said Sgt. Pete Simpson of Portland police.

According to the victim, the suspect ran northbound on 45th avenue, stopped in front of the house and exposed himself, then ran eastbound on Stanton Street.

On Tuesday of last week, the same suspect exposed himself to a woman who was jogging near Northeast 29th Avenue and Northeast Stanton Street.

Read more here


Read about more monsters in Where the Monsters Are.

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Trailer for 2nd Half of Season 4 of #TheWalkingDead #amc

Can’t wait until the walkers are moaning at your door? Try The Butterman Cometh. Only $0.99.

A new teaser trailer for The Walking Dead has been revealed – scroll down and click to watch.

The 31-second-clip focuses on Andrew Lincoln’s character Rick Grimes, as he tries to build morale among his fellow survivors following a confrontation with David Morrissey’s The Governor. The zombie show is set to return from its mid-season break in the US on February 9.

It was revealed in October last year that The Walking Dead had been renewed for a fifth season. It is currently the most-watched show in America among adults aged 18-49 and the premiere episode of season four drew a best ever audience of 16 million viewers.

Check out Fleshbags, the ‘Sickest. Zombies. Ever’ according to

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A Clip from Vessel, tonight on #Sleepyhollow #Fox

I’m glad I checked, I didn’t know Sleepy Hollow was back tonight. and actually, the season 1 finale is next Monday. Watch for yourself and tune in tonight!

Missed any of Sleepy Hollow this season? Then catch up here!

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Vote for this Anthology!

The Speed of Dark has been nominated for the P&E, Critters Workshop, Anthologies Award. My short story, The Little Door, is included.

Voting is only open until January 14th at

Please go to the page, scroll halfway down, click on The Speed of Dark circle, scroll further down and leave your name and email, complete the Animus (Captcha) and then click on Vote.

In other news, The Speed of Dark is now being read by the selection Jury for the HWA Bram Stoker Award.

You can download a copy at for $5.95.

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